About this blog

Positive Psychology has validated strategies which can lastingly increase the happiness of people. Can products be designed to embody these strategies and allow people to adopt them in their daily lives? That was the central question of my graduation project at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The outcome of this project was Tinytask: a product-service combination that stimulates happiness enhancing activities, inspired on strategies for Subjective Well Being from Positive Psychology. Users of Tinytask receive several small assignments that persuade them to do new things, and thereby develop an attitude of active experimentation and reflective observation.

A prototype was built and tested during the graduation project, and received numerous positive reactions. I am currently further developing Tinytask, with the ambition of running a pilot session in the near future.

This blog has featured a start-to-finish report of my graduation project, and from now on will contain updates of the continued project of Tinytask. Please feel free to have a look around on my project blog and comment anything useful.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading,
Hans Ruitenberg