Tinytask research update

Sorry to keep you in the dark, but we’ve been working in secret! 🙂

For the past five weeks, over 100 students have been participating in our research. They will finish the experiment next week, and then we will start compiling all the results. I cannot disclose any details about the exact research setup now, but I will do so once we’ve analyzed the data.

Time to introduce the team!

Our research team consists of five people. First of all there are Pieter Desmet and Maria Saaksjarvi, both associate professors at Delft University of Technology (read more about them here). Pieter initiated this project and was my graduation mentor, so he was involved with Tinytask right from the start. Maria has a lot of experience with experimental research, and her knowledge was instrumental in setting up the research. Then we have our two research assistants: Hester and Muryani. They both study the master Design for Interaction at Delft University of Technology, and you can spot them in the photos below. Finally there’s me, but that’s rather obvious.


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