Tinytask continued

Incoming! It has some time, but as of tomorrow I will pick up where I left off and start the further development of Tinytask. An exciting time lies ahead, here’s how the opportunity arose..

Pieter Desmet – my graduation mentor and associate professor at Delft university of Technology – has founded the Delft Institute of Positive Design, an institute which’ goal is to stimulate the development of knowledge that can aid designers in their efforts to design for human flourishing. And amazingly, one of the first projects that the DIOPD will support is Tinytask. I am immensely proud and grateful for this opportunity to further develop my thesis project.

In the upcoming months we will host an experiment on Delft University of Technology, where we want to measure the effects of Tinytask. We are setting up the experiment as we speak, so I cannot share any findings as of yet. Pieter and I have assembled a core team of enthusiastic and talented happiness pioneers, which I will introduce to you later.

If you’re interested in this project, note that I will post regular project updates on this blog. Additionally, I have created a LinkedIn group that you may join if you wish to be part of our network and/or if you are interested in collaboration: www.linkedin.com/groups/Tinytask-3818141


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