Return of the piggy bank

Remember the ‘saving for Unicef together’ piggy banks I gave away early December? Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from a family in Zoetermeer, informing me that they’d found one of the piggy banks and wanted to return it to me. Today I went to pick it up, and here is the result.

The piggy bank has been passed on 15 times, and has traveled from The Hague to Groningen, Antwerpen, and back. It contained 44 Euros and 73 cents, giving an average donation of 3 Euros per person.

After having reached Zoetermeer, the piggy bank was put on a shelf, and stayed there for a couple of months. I assume that leaving the bank in one’s home and forgetting about it is a bottleneck in the design of this experiment. Had it not been forgotten about, who knows how much money it might have contained now?

I will stop by the headquarters of Unicef NL in the near future to donate the money. Meanwhile, I am very curious what happened to the other three piggy banks.


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