New name, new game, who wants to play?

The product is now named ‘tinytask‘ and the system has been given some final changes. Also, I am looking for people that are interested in participating in a user test.

The product has a new name! ‘I experiment’ was fine as a working title, but had some unintended associations (such as being part of Apple’s product portfolio, or being a seriously naughty web community). I wanted to find a name that is compact, sounds fresh and fun, and conveys the concept in a good way. After considering some 50+ names, ‘Tinytask’ has come out as the winner. The name refers both to the small and concrete assignments that the user receives, as well as the compact physical size of the keychains.

Based upon the feedback I received from my mentors, I’ve changed the system slightly. In stead of receiving all keychains at once, users will subscribe to the keychains, receiving them in batches through the mail. This can be observed in the system overview below (click on it for a bigger picture).

System overview

System overview

I am now working on the final design, planning and production of prototypes. In a couple of weeks time, I plan to do a user test with the system. If you are interested in participating, please send me an email or react to this post.


One response to “New name, new game, who wants to play?

  1. By sure it would be a great fun to participate:) wish you desirable results

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