New Concept Storyboard

I’ve turned things around a bit. The concept has taken a new direction, as you can see in my storyboard.

I’ve had the joy of conducting a Skype interview with the creators of Boom Boom Cards, and that has taught me two things: First of all, when looking closely at my concept, it is much different from Boom Boom Cards than I thought it was at first. Boom Boom Cards aim to create social change through the spreading of acts of kindness. My concept offers a personal way to find happiness, by trying out and learning from new experiences (active experimentation and reflective observation).

With Boom Boom Cards, the objective is to create a social revolution. Hence the importance of spreading cards and acts. In my concept however, passing on items is only used to create a moment for reflection. Passing on items is a means, and not an end.

With this in mind I developed some new ideas that would in my opinion fit with the idea of a ‘personal way to find happiness’. Without further ado, here’s a storyboard of the new concept.



One of the most important factors of the concept is its openness. The ‘keychains’ can be worn as keychains, but may also be attached to a necklace or mobile phone. After completing an assignment, user can choose to hold on to the keychains, give them away to someone else, or even trade them for other keychains. The critical thing is that users commit to an activity by putting a keychain on their keyring/cellphone/necklace, and that they may only release it once the activity has been completed. It’s that simple.

I’ve met with my supervisory team, who gave me some ideas about further enriching this concept. During the next weeks I’ll tweak the system a bit further, and design the website and keychains themselves.


3 responses to “New Concept Storyboard

  1. I guess you’ve had a fun day making all those photo’s on a sunny day in Delft!

    It’s nice to see that your concept is getting more practical, and I hope that this will lead to more happiness.

    Maybe it’s time to find a synonym for “happiness”, because it does sound a bit “green” and kind of naive. On the other hand, if happiness is the core of the idea, maybe “designing happiness” is enough. I’m just brainstorming here, but isn’t the word “satisfaction” closer to what your concept achieves?

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your project!

  2. Erik van Vulpen

    Nice storyboard! I’m curious about the messages on the ‘trigger coins’, do you already have a list of assignments? Will you be the scriptwriter of my future life through these ‘trigger coins’? Or are these assignments constructed by a pool of genius dreampersuaders? :).

    The Happiness-Talents-Pool: designers for your happiness. ‘Battle of Happiness Assignments’, ‘Ranking the Trigger Coins’ on

    Hans, why is it that my mind flows any direction when reading about your graduation project?

  3. Terrific idea. I hope you do well with this.

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