Saving for Unicef together

Dear all,

I have set up a small experiment in true Christmas spirit. I’ve made four piggy banks to save money for charity. These piggy banks (named ‘Een pot liefdadigheid’ / ‘One Jar of Charity’) should be passed from friend to friend, everyone contributing a small donation. When they have been filled, I hope to receive a call about it (contact information is printed on the piggy banks), so that I can collect them and donate the money to Unicef.

Since the piggy banks may grow to contain considerable amounts of money, it is important that people pass it on to others whom they trust are up to the responsibility of passing it on. If we work together, we will be able to give Unicef this unique donation. All contributors may write their name on a leaflet glued onto the piggy bank.

The Piggy banks for Unicef

Through this experiment, I am trying to study the dynamics of passing on items of value to others. When a piggy bank has been returned to me, I will post the results on this blog.

Best regards,


5 responses to “Saving for Unicef together

  1. Ziet er strak uit. Complimentos!

  2. Bernardo vd Schepop

    Nice idea! Looking forward to see the results 🙂 Have a great holidays there!

  3. Hi there, pretty amazing that I’d never crushed on your page as my project is in the same field!
    I read almost all your posts, same theory findings, but different orientation! Definitely ’cause of difference of cultures, me as an eastern.
    Hope to be more in contact.

  4. it’s growing!

  5. That’s great and very nice thing to do,i would like to do the same to help UNICEF.
    Where did you got those piggy baks my friend?
    Send me an e mail and continue the good job!

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